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“Voice of the People" is more than an initiative—it’s a movement , under the leadership of the President of the State of Israel, H.E. Isaac Herzog. 

Together, we're committed to building a stronger, resilient Jewish community 
that will inspire and impact future generations. "Voice of the People" will be made up of a diverse group of the brightest, most creative and promising Jewish individuals from all around the world.

The President’s Initiative for Worldwide Jewish Dialogue

Under the guidance of Israel's President, Isaac Herzog, "Voice of the People" will act as a global council, an arena for unity, change, and growth. This initiative aims to engage a diverse range of Jewish voices from 6 continents, to transform their dialogue into actionable strategies, and to cultivate the future leadership of the Jewish people. The council will come together for a 4 day conference in May 2024 with a mission to leverage the collective wisdom in order to address shared challenges facing the Jewish people and humanity. Fostering the spirit of inclusivity and diversity to bolster collaboration and expand networks, “Voice of the People” will spark global conversations and initiate action that will impact the Jewish nation.  

Our Jewish culture is one that celebrates the living vitality of discourse. It is our responsibility to deepen the conversation between us - to come together and have honest discussions about vital issues facing the Jewish people. To develop the next generation of committed Jewish leaders, who will bring their gifts and talents to preserving our precious peoplehood.

Speaking Volumes Together

The council will comprise 150 members, 20 fellows, and 30 mentors from Jewish communities across the globe 
who will have the opportunity to add their voices to this influential forum.

Jewish Communities around the World
Based on research by Professor Sergio Della Pergola.


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